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Red Ribbon Bracelets Youth

Highlighting the fight against drug abuse worldwide with red ribbon bracelets for youth is a superb way of bringing the issue to the attention of young people and you can rest assured that Direct Wristbands will have your order ready well in time if you order early. Red Ribbon Week is an occasion that shows everyone we care and will fight against drug abuse. Supplying red ribbon bracelets to youth also makes them acutely aware that it is not cool to do drugs. The Red Ribbon campaign is now the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the United States reaching out to millions of young people during Red Ribbon Week. If you require an order for red ribbon bracelets for youth then you will have to put in your order well before October.


Red Ribbon Week is normally held on the week of 23rd October to the 31st each year.

Red Ribbon Week Special

If you have a red wristband you can wear it proudly and have the courage to say no to drugs! If you are a school or company that supports and promotes red ribbon week then you can promote your company by ordering red ribbon bracelets for youth from us. Wearing a red wristband or badge shows that the wearer is making a visible principled stand against the drug problem that is sweeping the United States. We at Direct Wristbands support Red Ribbon Week ourselves and as a special thank you for your support you can order red ribbon bracelets for youth at special discounted prices in any quantities you wish.


Many companies and institutions sell red ribbon products to raise funds for drug abuse program support and your company can step up and order red ribbon bracelets for youth as well. Red Ribbon Week supports the youth that are vulnerable to recruitment into the world of drugs and also supports programs that make drug rehabilitation possible. Our custom made red ribbon bracelets for youth are great for sports clubs, corporate business and small companies or any individual or business that wishes to display support for this very worthy national cause. You can add the name of you company to the red ribbon bracelet in a stylish and tasteful way with a slogan as well. You can browse a superb selection of lovely silicone rubber bracelets that we have available in red ribbon bracelets for youth and our special prices for this particular type of order.


Direct Wristbands encourages schools, industry, clubs and business to support Red Ribbon Week and you can start by ordering our red ribbon bracelets for youth from us in any quantities you need. Whatever your needs in silicone wristbands we are sure you will be able to satisfy them as we offer unbeatable value and affordability.


Our mission is to supply quality with affordability in custom red ribbon bracelets for youth. Spend some time on our website browsing through all the types of rubber bracelets we offer. Support the cause by selecting our Red Ribbon awareness red ribbon bracelets for youth because part of the proceeds of every order is sent to the Red Ribbon association.