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Red Ribbon Week Wristbands Silicone

Red ribbon week falls during the last full week of October in most states, and this year that would be from the 18th to the 26th of October. This week has become a tradition all around the United States where people and groups organize fundraisers to commemorate an everyday hero, and to raise awareness of what he lived and died for. Lance Armstrong is another hero who inaugurated the wearing of silicone awareness wristbands to raise support for cancer research. These silicone wristbands serve a double purpose, and can be put to good use in this year's red ribbon week.


Red Ribbon Week Special


Congressman Duncan Hunter and Special Agent Camarena's good friend Duncan Larano both felt very strongly that Agent Camarena's work and tortured death must not be in vain, so they decided to wear red ribbons and to raise awareness about drug trafficking and drug abuse in general. As the scourge of drugs became apparent nationwide, the idea of red ribbon week spread. During this week, events and fundraisers are held to raise money for prevention and education programs for drug and alcohol abuse. Silicone wristbands can be bought in quantity relatively cheap, embossed with a drug awareness theme, and resold to raise funds.


Silicone is washable and durable, and if a message is embossed, will keep the theme of this year's red ribbon week current in the mind of the wearer. The memory of all that is seen and heard during the education drive against drugs and alcohol abuse should last long after the week has passed. Silicone comes in a variety of colours, but if the wristbands are made up in red, the colour of danger, then one glance at a wrist will be all it takes to keep a subconscious awareness going much longer than one week.


Drugs have become one of the major scourges of modern times, and children have become particularly vulnerable to being targeted by drug cartels in order to nurture a hold markets for their wares. Any message can be embossed on the silicone wristbands to keep alive the strong anti-drug messages of red ribbon week. Children must be made constantly aware of the dangers; their innocence is no protection and can have a heavy price. In these modern times, ignorance is not bliss, but could just make our children easy targets.


Special Agent Kiki Camarena joined the DEA to fight the war against drugs and alcohol, even though his mother begged him not too. She thought it was too dangerous because she knew that drug dealers are unscrupulous criminals. He thought one person could make a difference. This red ribbon week, every person who wants to make a difference can put his or her shoulder to the wheel. The memoryof one heroic person can be kept alive so that his legacy of fighting the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse can continue. Wearing a red silicone wristband, or buying one for as many people as possible will keep this legacy alive, but it will also keep alive an awareness of the possibility of being targeted by drug merchants.