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Breast Cancer Bracelets

Bracelets made out of silicone also known as silicone wristbands are an easy and affordable way of creating awareness and raising funds for any organization or company. They are attractive and come in different styles, making them good clothing accessories too. These wristbands can be purchased for schools, teams, companies, churches, or charities and organizations that deal with diseases and conditions such as breast cancer. Bracelets and ribbons are a symbol of our support for people who suffer and are affected by life threatening situations such as HIV/AIDS, breast cancer and leukemia among others. Wearing breast cancer bracelets lets people who have the condition know that you respect them and love them and it also serves to encourage people suffering from these conditions to know that they are not alone in the world.


At Direct Wristbands you will find the purest silicone wristbands made out of 100% silicone that can be used as breast cancer bracelets to create awareness or raise funds for women who suffer from the condition. The silicone wristbands are not rubber bands, are made according to the dimensions and quality of Lance Armstrong wristbands and are sold to you at competitive prices. This is because you buy them directly from the factory that makes them. If you know a family member or friend who has breast cancer and would like to support them, why not have a ladies luncheon at the club or join a support group and order breast cancer bracelets from Direct Wristbands to create awareness among your neighbors and friends and show the people affected how much you care for them.


There are five great styles to choose from to make your breast cancer bracelets which include the color filled wristband, the segmented wristband, the swirled wristband, the debossed wristband and the imprinted wristband. You can choose to have pink breast cancer bracelets or any other color. The imprinted or debossed wristband would make nice breast cancer bracelets because you can have a nice phrase written onto the bracelets or if you are buying them for a small group of ladies, you can even have them personalized with their names. One thing is for certain, when you buy your breast cancer bracelets from Direct Wristbands you will never be disappointed with the quality or the price and you can always be assured that you will be greatly satisfied with the end product.


Direct Wristbands even guarantees you the lowest price if you place an order for 250 or more breast cancer bracelets. You can place your order online at www.directwristbands.com or you can e-mail for more information at [email protected] Once your order for breast cancer is placed, you can track the order online and it is shipped free of charge to you. Even if you don't need breast cancer bracelets, but you need bracelets to raise funds for your church or your school, Direct Wristbands can get you the best deal on the market. The company also makes lanyards and silicone keychains so your choice of creating awareness or raising funds is not limited to just silicone wristbands. Other companies such as Coca-Cola, WALMART and Sherwin Williams have already trusted their business to Direct Wristbands so why don't you!