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Cancer Wristbands

For quite a few years now, cancer wristbands have been highly popularized by the various organizations seeking to make money to fund research into a cure for cancer. To the benefit of all, these wristbands have indeed proven to be remarkably successful. Unfortunately however, the initial bulk purchasing of many of these wristbands can be relatively steep leaving the fundraiser rather short-changed so to speak. This can be somewhat counterproductive considering that the fund-raiser is the person who needs to raise money with as little expense as possible.


With Direct Wristbands however, you are guaranteed to get cancer wristbands for amazingly great prices and therefore have a much needed financial head-start when it comes to your fundraising campaign. In fact, not only will the price for an order of 250 wristbands or more be the cheapest anywhere on the internet, but they will also be shipped to you totally free of charge. So do yourself and your honorable cause a favor and pay a visit to www.directwristbands.com and work out the exact price your venture will entail.


Having been up and running since the beginning of 2004, Direct Wristbands has already sold more than five million wristbands and satisfied over five thousand clients. This exceptionally impressive track record can be largely attributed to the simple fact that the cancer wristbands on offer are of the best quality and made from 100% silicone; whereas many wristbands on the market are made of rubber instead. To top that off, Direct Wristbands conducts its business with true professionalism and reliability.


Cancer has undoubtedly touched and negatively altered the lives of nearly every human being on the planet. Be it a friend, family member or just an acquaintance; the feeling of fear and loss associated with all forms of cancer is something that the human race must fight against. By raising money you empower research teams to explore all possible means to aggressively triumph over this merciless killer. With the astonishing achievement of cancer wristbands sold to raise money, what better way is there to reach your goal as a fund-raiser?


If you're thinking of starting a charitable fundraiser for your cause, you can simply email Direct Wristbands at [email protected] or just call 1-800-570-3260 to place your order right away. You only need to order as few as five wristbands with the following options to choose from:

o Color filled

o Imprinted

o Debossed

o Swirled

o Segmented

As well as bands, Direct Wristbands also provides a selection of lanyards and silicone keychains that you can customize to suit your fundraising needs whatever they may be. With the selection of wristbands being of the same caliber as the Lance Armstrong ones, you needn't worry at all about the standard set by Direct Wristbands' products. So if you need to raise funds to enhance the offensive on cancer, just leave it to these exceptional cancer wristbands on offer to get the job done.