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Cheap Silicone Wristbands

Cheap silicone wristbands defy the phrase "You get what you pay for." Since silicone is a sturdy material, it is naturally durable and long-wearing. It's also flexible, comfortable and stylish. When cost is indicative of value, silicone bracelets break the rules.

That Old Expression…
It's difficult to say who instituted that old expression "You get what you pay for." Perhaps it was a smooth-talking salesman, pedaling high-priced products. Or maybe it was a husband or wife, attempting to explain to his or her spouse the high cost of some gadget or garment.

Generally, the expression indicates that a cheap product is inferior to one with a steep price tag. This may be true in certain cases, but some exceptions apply. Because not everything that costs more is worth the extra dough…

Colored toilet paper – Three rolls of brightly colored bottom rags will set you back around $20. Your fanny never had it so fancy!

Luxury Frisbee – If Frisbee is your game, then this extravagant item might appeal to you. That is, if you don't mind dropping $305 for the leather flying disc. To protect your investment, keep this one away from your pooch.

Gold and diamond ear buds – Why settle for those pervasive plastic ear buds when you can cram precious metals and glistening gemstones inside your ear canal? Get a set of these ear baubles for only $5,175. What's next, silk Q-tips?

Top-of-the-line toilet – It's often referred to as the throne, so why shouldn't it come with an exquisite price tag? You're sure to feel like a king or queen when you sit on this porcelain pot. And with a motion detector that automatically opens the lid, an air freshener, and a night light, you have all the amenities of royalty.

But if your wallet allows, you can always buy a pricier option – a whimsical commode that's crafted of wood and plays a tune as the lid is lifted. This sovereign seat will set you back $14,123. Relieving yourself just became a truly regal experience.

Direct Wristbands -- Quality and Value
There's nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life, but if you're the pragmatic sort, then Direct Wristbands has the bracelets for you. We believe that quality and value are virtues in the world of wristband production. So whether you need a few cool custom bands or a surplus for marketing or promotional products, we're your best source!

Easy Ordering!
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Get your cheap silicone wristbands today -- because great products aren't always grossly overpriced! Sometimes you really do get MORE than you pay for!