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Custom Rubber Bracelets

At Direct Wristbands, we take great pride in the fact that our products are not just custom rubber bracelets, but are manufactured from 100% silicone which is highly resistant to heat, cold and water. This great product is the perfect fund-raising item used by schools, charity organizations, churches, and many others. Our prices are also extremely competitive as you have a direct connection to the factory, cutting out the middle-man.


With five styles to choose from, there is no need for custom rubber bracelets when Direct Wristbands offer you a superior 100% silicone-based custom bracelet. The five available styles are color-filled, debossed, swirled, imprinted, and segmented. Remember that these are not custom rubber bracelets - we do not manufacture rubber bands! Now, what will this superior silicone product cost?


Direct Wristbands produces an incredibly high volume of silicone bracelets. We are therefore able to offer the lowest prices to our clients. In fact, we are so certain of this fact, that should you be able to find the same product at a lower cost, we will either match or go below the price that you find. Added to this fantastic value for a quality product, multiple colors or swirled wristbands do NOT cost more money! At Direct Wristbands, we do not increase the cost for multiple colors, nor for swirling multiple colors on your selected custom silicone bracelet. This allows you to be highly inspired and inventive with your design, and also added to this, Direct Wristbands further allows you to amend your color scheme after every 250 wristbands. This means your options are as diverse as you want them to be!


So, the price is perfect, and you thought that all you would get is a custom rubber bracelet, when you are in fact getting a custom silicone bracelet! But how quickly can Direct Wristbands get your order to you? Orders of 10,000 wristbands are manufactured in two weeks and bigger orders only take up to three weeks. Should you have a deadline-specific order for your silicone bracelets, Direct Wristbands will make every effort to meet that deadline for you. If you look out for our great special offers during the year, orders of 1000 or more will qualify you for free wristbands. What you can be sure of is value for your money, fast turnaround production time, and great packaging when you order a 100% silicone - not rubber - bracelets from Direct Wristbands.


Even fun and quirky orders are possible! Direct Wristbands allows your imagination to run wild when you are designing your silicone wristbands! We also produce many colors of 'glow in the dark' custom silicone wristbands. Just remember that the lighter spectrum colors are more effective in the dark.


So, don't delay. Remember, these are not custom rubber bracelets, but custom silicone bracelets. Great value, great service, great price! Contact Direct Wristbands at 1-800-570-3260. You can also email us at [email protected]