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Custom Rubber Wristbands

Tragedies occur throughout the world, some of which most of the words population do not know about or have ever heard about. At the same time, there are diseases and epidemics that befall people and countries that people want to help stop, but do not know how to go about this. A creative concept entered the market a few years a go to mass promote these various tragedies and epidemics around the world. The idea was to make people aware of them, but also give them a chance to contribute something to stopping these happenings. The concept that emerged was that of custom rubber wristbands that are now worn across the globe by millions.


Everywhere you go now, chances are that you will see someone wearing a brightly coloured rubber wristband. From a distance, you wouldn't really know what it is about, but if you were to take a closer look you would see that it is support of a cause or a charity. These custom rubber wristbands are coloured according to what cause they are supporting and are usually debossed with a message to do with that specific cause. The money that is made from these wristbands most often goes to a charity or organisation that uses the money to help fund research or create global campaigns. At the same time, these rubber wristbands have also been used by schools to stop the growing problem of drug abuse and notably, even bullying.


The Top 10 Charity Custom Rubber Wristbands

Throughout the many years that this concept has taken flight, certain core charities and epidemics have used custom rubber wristbands to promote themselves. The core global Top 5 wristbands are:

1. LIVESTRONG (yellow): Sponsored by renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong, the custom rubber wristbands are in a bid to benefit charities for cancer and cancer research worldwide.

2. LIVEFREE, SMOKEFREE (orange): Due to the rising number of teen smokers, these bands were created to be used as moral support for those wanting to quit smoking.

3. CELEBRATE HOPE (purple): In support of Relay for a Cause, these are used as a memorial to remember the people who have died from or lost loved ones to any form of cancer.

4. COURAGE (red): These custom rubber wristbands were created in support of people living with HIV/AIDS, to remember those who had lost their lives to this epidemic and to HIV/AIDS research.

5. ANTI-RACISM (black & white crossover): Sponsored by Nike UK, these bands are worn to show your dedication to cultural tolerance and racial equality.


If you are looking to have custom rubber wristbands made for a particular cause or perhaps to promote an organisation of any kind, Direct Wristbands will make sure that every customer is satisfied with what they have to offer. Custom wristbands can be made in a variety of styles such as swirled or imprinted and in two different sizes; for youths and for adults. Custom wristbands can also be ordered in large numbers or as little a five bands allowing you to control how many bands are made according to how many you sell.

Helping to make the population aware of what is happening globally is the only way to help curb the spread of HIV/AIDS, stop problems in our schools and help fight to eliminate racism. These custom rubber bands may be small and go unnoticed, but with a population of 6.65 billion, these wristbands could definitely help causes, charities, schools and organisations around the world to make a difference.