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Custom Silicone Sport Wristbands

Direct Wristbands is able to supply you with custom silicon sport wristbands at affordable prices. Using custom silicone sport bands is an excellent way to promote team spirit in any sport. These wristbands can be worn by each member of the team and it is a brilliant way to boost pride within a team and remind team members who they are representing. The wristbands also promote team awareness and are great for that extra little bit of "advertising".


These custom silicone sport wristbands can also be used to raise funds for your team. This will be of use when you next need to purchase uniforms or pay for a team trip. By selling custom silicone sport wristbands to your supporters you can not only raise this money but also increase fan support and make the supporters feel almost as if they are part of your team. Fans who see other fans at a team game will feel more of a team spirit if they know who backs the same team they do!


Some sports wristbands don't last that long, but this is not a problem when the wristbands are made from customised silicone. Sports wristbands made from 100% silicone last much longer than rubber wristbands, for example. This ultimately means that no matter what sport you participate in, Direct Wristbands custom silicone sports wristbands will last longer. You will also discover that Direct Wristbands wristbands are of the same good quality as the Lance Armstrong wristbands.


You can even use the custom silicone sports wristband as an invitation or free entry to sports matches for those supporters who are in possession of them. This is a fantastic way to promote your team, raise awareness, and make supporters feel appreciated. Custom silicone sports wristbands can also be used as pre-event ticket sales. Use the wristband as the ticket and promote your team name at the same time. Other handy uses are VIP passes, multi-day passes for sports events running over more than one day and pit passes to meet the team. Team managers who arrange sports events and promotions regularly can find much use in custom silicone sports wristbands.


When ordering your custom silicone sports wristbands, you are able to choose from many different styles and colours. We sell the following custom silicone sports wristbands: Color Filled, Imprinted, Debossed, Swirled or Segmented. There are plenty of ways in which you can have your sports wristbands customised, from the text and color right down to the packaging!


To order your own custom silicone sports wristbands, please feel free to contact Direct Wristbands on email address [email protected] If you would like to see samples of silicone sports wristbands then please browse the website at www.directwristbands.com before placing your order or contacting us with your requirements and preferences. You will not be disappointed either with the quality or the price of your purchase!


Once you have ordered your custom silicone sports wristbands you will receive free shipping, a short delivery time of only two weeks, and you will be able to track your order easily online.