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Custom Wristbands

The custom wristbands are offered in a wide range of trendy and vivid colors, and are offered in many interesting styles, which include frilled wristbands, the imprinted wristbands, debossed wristbands, the swirled rubber wristbands, and segmented wristbands. All the available styles of wristbands can be suitably customized to meet the specific purposes of a fundraising or awareness campaign. Our fun and appealing custom wristbands provide a huge choice when it comes to selecting a particular style or color of wristband to suit specific causes and to ensure that maximum awareness is created. Furthermore, Direct Wristbands is able to customize and package designs and this is again able to suit the particular cause.


The recently launched range of custom pink wristbands has proven to be an iconic choice for the promotion of breast cancer awareness, and not only do these pink wristbands create awareness for the cause but they are a perfect choice for collecting of funds to aid research into breast cancer. Wristbands are recognized around the world and no matter what the cause or the charity, wristbands have indeed proven to be a worthwhile resource in creating awareness for a large number of causes, and for raising very needed funds. It was probably when Lance Armstrong put on his own unique bright yellow wristband, which showed his commitment to fighting and conquering cancer that wristbands grew in popularity.


After Lance Armstrong's wristband, companies, organizations, charities, schools, and sporting groups become very interested in using custom wristbands to develop their own campaigns and to create maximum awareness for their own personal causes. Currently, custom wristbands or rubber bracelets are an original and fascinating way to carry out fundraising activities, and since the costs of custom wristbands are so affordable, they can be used by any time of organization. Direct Wristbands is ensuring that the costs of providing custom wristbands remain affordable and in so doing, any type of fundraising effort is able to reach its full potential.


Please feel free to view the Direct Wristbands website at www.directwristbands.com and find out how Direct Wristbands can offer assistance in any type of fund collecting or awareness effort, which is totally affordable and totally unique. Our affordable custom wristbands are very cost-effective and as such, when used to collect funds, the funds generated from the sale of the custom wristbands are certain to go to the heart of the charity or cause. Whether you are looking for interesting ways to raise funds for churches, schools, companies, or you are seeking ways to create awareness for a cause, the custom wristbands are certainly the best choice. The custom wristbands offered by Direct Wristbands are manufactured by a trusted supplier offering Direct Wristbands confidence that every supplied custom wristband is of the best quality. Wristbands will always make a bold statement, while offering the perfect chance to generate huge fundraising potential for charity events, schools, and churches.