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Jelly Bracelets for All Occasions

What if You Don't Want Thousands of Jelly Bracelets?
Jelly bracelets – like the iconic Livestrong bracelets – are often purchased by the thousands. They are extremely popular by charity organizations as fundraisers and are considered "evergreen." That means that the bracelets have the organization's name and/or logo, but no date, year or event. They are "everlasting" and can be sold for years.

Not everybody wants thousands of bracelets. Imagine having to store those bracelets in someone's basement. Not only does that take up space, there's a huge potential for those bracelets – which you've already paid for – to end up lost at someone's house.

What many people don't realize is that you can order custom bracelets in any quantity. You can even order a single custom bracelet. This gives you many more options for getting the custom bracelets you need.

For example, since you can order smaller quantities, you can create and order bracelets for all different reasons:
• Specific charity and fundraising events, with the name and date of the event
• Family reunions
• Children's birthday parties

You could even create individual bracelets as rewards for your children's achievements. You can give a different color coated bracelet to your toddler for his or her potty training victories. You can give graduation bracelets to all your graduates – kindergarten through college. You can also give bracelets to your school children of all ages for their outstanding grades or to celebrate a sports championship.

Some of these events are coming up quickly. One of the other great things about being able to order single or small quantities of bracelets is that you can order it and it will be shipped out within 24 hours.

Think about it -- what could you do with single or a small batch of custom jelly bracelets? More than you've ever imagined!