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Lance Armstrong Cancer Bracelets

By now you should be familiar with the yellow 'Live Strong' rubber Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets. They were popularized by seven-time Tour de France cycling champion and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. The money from their proceeds goes to raise awareness for cancer and for cancer research. If he was planning to etch cancer awareness into society's consciousness, Lance Armstrong has done a really good job. The Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets are standing out today, an ever present awareness tool for cancer, and a fund-raising tool for cancer research.


Lance Armstrong is perhaps most popular for his races in the Tour de France which he won seven times in a row from 1999-2005 breaking the record previously held by Miguel Indurian who had won it 5 times in a row. In 1999 Armstrong was recognized by ABC as the Sports Athlete of the Year. Three years later he was named sportsman of the year in 2002 by Sports Illustrated magazine. He was also named the Male Athlete of the Year by AP from 2002-2005. After the testicular cancer he developed spread to his brain, abdomen, and lungs in 1996, Armstrong underwent testicular surgery as well as brain surgery due to the cancer being diagnosed as third stage. He was only given a three percent chance to live and decided to go with chemotherapy which he underwent while continuing to train for cycling. After his remarkable recovery Lance started the Lance Armstrong Foundation in 1997 followed by the well known "Live Strong" yellow Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets in 2004.


It is not so surprising to find that the Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets have become a cultural phenomenon. Aside from being very affordable, people feel they are contributing to a worthy cause by buying and wearing the yellow bracelets. Add this to the fact that the Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets is not difficult to wear as a fashion accessory. It goes along well with almost any attire: from your regular jeans-and-shirt attire to preppy to sports outfits. School children and teenagers think it is hip to be seen wearing one, and it doesn't make a huge dent in their allowance to buy it. Professional athletes have been seen wearing them at sports events. Even corporate executives in power suits have taken to wearing these Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets.


Made from rubber, the Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets is similar to other cause-related bracelets that have emerged over the past years, such as those for breast cancer and diabetes. Many Americans collect these wrist bands, including the Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets, because aside from being fashion-friendly and easy to wear, they have philanthropic and social significance.


Many people may ask why the Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets are yellow. Well, this color is especially significant to Lance Armstrong. Aside from imparting feelings of warmth and optimism, yellow is the color of the jersey that the leading Tour de France cyclist is given to wear, and which he has worn to victory numerous times. The yellow Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets are his standard bearers in his fight against cancer, and they bear witness to the things that have given his life new meaning.