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Awareness Wristbands


Awareness wristbands are the accessories that call attention to worthy causes, garner business for local and national chains, and highlight personal statements. These bands have become an important tool not limited to marketing purposes. Here are some of the many ways awareness wristbands have helped us live better.


How Awareness Wristbands Foster Change

Research Funds – More than 80 million people have sported the bold yellow bands that support the efforts of the Livestrong Foundation, an organization that provides research funds and assists cancer survivors. Since the introduction of these bands in 2004, countless other charities have developed their own awareness wristbands, hoping to achieve similar success.

Some bands remind us of health struggles others face, and the prevention steps we can take to reduce our own health burdens. For example, Breast cancer awareness bands encourage dialogue on the disease, and remind women everywhere of the importance of preventative screenings.

Driver Safety – Drunk driving affects everyone. According to MADD, (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), even those who have not been hurt or directly touched by related accidents help pay the $132 billion price tag associated with drunk driving. In 2011, 9,878 people were killed and approximately 315,000 were injured in accidents involving alcohol. Initiatives to help stop drinking and driving include increasing law enforcement to catch drunk drivers and discourage potential offenders, and requiring ignition interlock devices or in-car breathalyzers for past lawbreakers.

Teen driving can bring other troubles to the road. Thirty five percent of all teen deaths are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Certain factors contribute to teen-related crashes, including inexperience, immaturity, and the propensity to speed and take other risks while driving.

According to Teen Source, a Website run by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, more than 5,000 teens are killed annually in motor vehicle accidents. Following a serious of adolescent crashes in Pennsylvania, state representatives introduced National Teen Driver Safety Week in October 2007.

Since research shows that "Scared Straight" tactics have not been effective, the theme for 2012 was 'Share not Scare,' with messages focused on motivating teens rather than offending them. These methods help teens choose smart behaviors, including wearing seat belts, refraining from cell phone use in the car, and being a good passenger.
Awareness wristbands have been an integral part of enlisting people globally to support safe and sober driving initiatives.

Celebrate Life and Nurture Relationships – Awareness wristbands can be fun reminders of anniversaries, birthdays and special events. They can help us nurture our relationships with coworkers, friends, loved ones and people in our community. A powerful message can bring people together to support a common goal or cause, or merely to celebrate life. Stylish bands are universally appealing. They make great jewelry that's fun and fashionable. What's more, their durability makes them versatile – with athletes, band members and people in every place wearing them.

These are just a few of the big things that a simple silicone bracelet can accomplish. Who knew smart slogans and simple accessories could achieve so much? Get your awareness wristbands today!

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