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Wristband Activism WORKS - Raise Money For Your Cause


Slacktivists. That's what some call those who wear silicone wristbands to promote a cause or organization. Cynics say the wearing of a little piece of silicone doesn't do much beyond giving the wearer a warm fuzzy feeling.

What the critics don't realize however, is the astounding fundraising power of the simple custom silicone wristband. Because they can be produced in huge numbers, wristbands cost very little to make. They can be sold cheaply, enabling virtually anyone who wants one to buy it. But what most people don't realize is the per-unit profit margin can be HUGE.

Consider this: By selling wristbands, you can make a significant contribution to your cause or organization. For example, 500 basic debossed wristbands, with the message of your choice pressed into the silicone, will cost $0.27 each, for a total price of $135. Sell those wristbands for $2 each, and you'll net $865 to donate to the cause of your choice. Sell them for $5 each, and you can donate $2,365.

And here's the trick: your cost goes down as the order quantity goes up. Order 5,000 debossed silicone wristbands and they're only $0.15 each, for a total of $750. Sell them on campus or through your church at $2 each, and you net $9,250 for a worthy cause. Sell them for $5 each, and your donation soars to $24,250!

And every wristband you sell will serve as a reminder to others of the cause you support. Your silicone wristbands will help keep people aware of the issues. Every wristband worn is a chance for someone to ask the wearer what it's for, a chance to impart information, to gain new support.

Let the cynics carp. The so-called "slacktivists" are still raising money for something they believe in, and showing support for something that's important to them. Can the cynics say the same?

At Direct Wristbands, we will work with you to design yourcustom silicone wristbands, and help you get the most "bang for the buck." Call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-570-3260, or email us at [email protected] today.


Stock Red Ribbon Bracelets Still Available!

There is still time to get your stock Red Ribbon Week silicone bracelets in time for your Red Ribbon Week events! Quantities are dwindling quickly, and only the next lucky few will be able to get their orders filled.

These 180mm "Youth" sized wristbands are red debossed bracelets with color filled text in white and are proving to be much hotter than we anticipated! Call our toll-free number today to beat the crowd and get your silicone wristbands reserved and shipped out to you in time for Red Ribbon Week.

Our helpful sales staff will also be glad to help create your custom-designed wristbands for any upcoming events as well, so don't hesitate to email us or give us a call!


Stock Red Ribbon Wristbands inhouse and ready to ship!

Every year it happens...someone hands you the responsibility of ordering Red Ribbon Week silicone bracelets to you at the last minute, and there is no time to get them created and delivered by your event date.

DirectWristbands.com is here to help! We have just received a stock of pre-made Red Ribbon Week wristbands, which are ready to ship out to you TODAY!

These youth sized silicone wristbands are the standard Red Ribbon Week red, with the message "Proud To Be Drug Free" debossed on the bracelet and color-filled in white to highlight the wording. Supplies are limited and going fast, so give our sales team a call and get your Red Ribbon Week bracelets for your organization ordered today!


Not too Late to Order Red Ribbon Wristbands

There is still time to get your Red Ribbon Week custom silicone bracelets in time for your organization's events, but time is running out to ensure the custom wristbands arrive in time!

Below is the history of how Red Ribbon Week started, and what the millions of customized anti-drug rubber wristbands around the country actually represent.

Kiki Camarena was born in 1947 in Mexico. In 1968, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps. After serving for two years, he joined the Calexico Police Department as a criminal investigator in 1970. In May of 1973, Kiki began working as a narcotics investigator with the El Centro Police Department.

He stayed with the El Centro P.D. until 1974 when he joined the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). His first assignment as a Special Agent with DEA was back in Calexico, California. In 1977, he was reassigned to the Fresno District Office in Northern California. Four years later, Kiki was transferred to Mexico. For 4.5 years in Mexico, he worked to uncover the country's biggest marijuana and cocaine traffickers. In early 1985, he was very close to unlocking a billion dollar drug pipeline. Before he was able to expose the drug trafficking operations, he was kidnapped on February 7, 1985. While headed to meet his wife Mika, Kiki was accosted by five armed men who dragged him into a car and sped away. That was the last time anyone would see him alive.

It is believed that Special Agent Camarena's death occurred two days later, but his remains were not discovered until March 5, 1985. He was 37 years old and was survived by his wife, Mika and their three children Enrique, Daniel and Erik. During his 11 years with DEA, Kiki received two Sustained Superior Performance Awards, a Special Achievement Award and the Administrator's Award of Honor was awarded to him posthumously - the highest award granted by the DEA.

Shortly after Kiki's death, Congressman Duncan Hunter and high school friend Henry Lozano launched Camarena Clubs in Kiki's hometown of Calexico. Hundreds of club members including Calexico High School teacher David Dhillon wore red ribbons and pledged to lead drug-free lives to honor the sacrifices made by Kiki Camarena and so many others on behalf of all Americans.

Red Ribbon Week eventually gained momentum throughout California, the Southwest and later the United States. In 1985, members of the club presented the "Camarena Club Proclamation" to then First Lady Nancy Reagan, bringing national attention to the cause. Later that summer, parent groups in California, Illinois and Virginia began promoting the wearing of Red Ribbons nationwide during late October. The campaign was then formalized in 1988 with President and Mrs. Reagan serving as honorary chairpersons. Today, the eight-day celebration is sponsored by the National Family Partnership (previously known as the Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth), and has become the annual catalyst to show intolerance for drugs in our schools, work places and communities. Each year, during the last week in October, more than 80 million young people and adults show their commitment to a healthy, drug-free life by wearing or displaying the Red Ribbon. In recent times, the actual ribbon has been replaced primarily by red silicone wristbands and lapel pins.


LOW LOW Custom Silicone Wristband Prices

September 25, 2009
Check out the new LOW prices on our custom silicone wristbands! Now you can save money like never before on rubber bracelets with your event, company or organization name custom imprinted on each band!

DirectWristbands.com is always working to keep our prices as low as possible while still maintaining the high level of quality and delivery speed our customers are used to receiving. This time, we locked our accountants in their office, barred the door and refused to let them out until we had the largest discounts on our custom silicone bracelets ever. Hours later, we received a tear- and flop sweat-stained sheet of paper with incredible markdowns on every type of silicone wristband we manufacture!

You can now get 1,000 debossed silicone bracelets for just $.19 per piece! Sell them for just $1.00 each, and you can make $810.00 PURE PROFIT!

Call our customer service team today while these great savings last, and we will be happy to find the best bracelet style and value to suit your needs!


Red Ribbon Week is almost here

September 18, 2009
Red Ribbon Week is quickly approaching, and organizations across the county are beginning to order their custom silicone wristbands and other event materials.

Here are some interesting facts about Red Ribbon Week:

- Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually at the end of October in the United States.

- The National Family Partnership estimates that more than 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon celebrations each year.

- In 1988, the NFP coordinated the first National Red Ribbon Week with President and Mrs. Reagan serving as honorary chairpersons.

- The first Red Ribbon Week events were held in La Mirada and Norwalk, California.

- Most American schools participate in Red Ribbon Week by offering drug prevention education, doing classroom exercises and by giving the children red ribbons or silicone bracelets to wear for the duration of the week.

Red Ribbon Week themed custom wristbands are quickly becoming the staple of drug prevention activies during Red Ribbon events. Easy to hand out and even easier to wear, these inexpensive silicone bracelets are a durable and popular way to keep this year's theme visible and in the memory of children and young adults who need this message the most!


Red Ribbon Week Next Month

September 10, 2009
Red Ribbon Week is coming up next month, and millions of people in schools and community organizations across the country will be taking this opportunity to participate in anti-drug events.

Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest program of its kind in the nation - the NFP(National Family Partnership) estimates that over 80 MILLION people participate in Red Ribbon related events every year!

The DEA joins with community coalitions and prevention groups to organize and carry out Red Ribbon Week activities, ranging from classroom events to stadium-sized rallies.

Schools, businesses, the faith community, media, families and community coalitions also join together to celebrate Red Ribbon Week in many ways. These may include sponsoring essay and poster contests, organizing drug-free races, decorating buildings in red, handing out silicone bracelets to customers, holding parades or community events or by publicizing the value of a drug-free and healthy lifestyle.

One of the most recognizable and well-received ways to show your support during Red Ribbon Week is to wear custom silicone wristbands. Many organizations and schools have now started traditions of offering a new Red Ribbon Week bracelet with a different drug-free message every year!

DirectWristbands.com will be offering special pricing and promotions on custom silicone bracelets based on Red Ribbon Week leading up to the event. We will also be providing more facts and information about the history of this important event along with tips to make your organization's participation more effective!


Joyce Meyer Ministries Custom Awareness Wristbands

August 19, 2009
One of our long-time silicone bracelet customers is Joyce Meyer Ministries. This nondenominational organization works through television, radio, the internet and many types of print media to bring their message to people around the world.

Through the years, Joyce Meyer Ministries has begun to use custom silicone wristbands to bring hope to many people and to reach out to those needing help at home and abroad. You can learn more about this great organization by visiting their website at http://joycemeyer.org/

Below is a picture of their most recent custom bracelet, which incorporates a stylized hand logo between their themed message and their website.

If you would like help finding the right look for your own custom silicone wristbands, give our sales team a call today and start finding out how easy it is to make a difference in your community!


Cancer Awareness and Research Fund Raising

August 10, 2009
Renai Twilinger's church was looking for a way to raise both money and support for a member with cancer, but they did not have much money to spend. When she came across DirectWristbands.com, she knew she had found exactly what they needed!

With just $260 of the $300 that had been initially donated, they were able to order 1,000 custom silicone bracelets, which they sold at various church functions. Renai tells us "The wristband fundraiser was a huge success - we sold every one of [the custom bracelets] within the first two weeks at two dollars each!"

Using a portion of the $1,840 profit made from the bracelets, they have now branched out and have ordered custom hand fans, custom lapel pins and custom magnets to go along with a larger order of custom silicone wristbands. Renai has several local businesses who have agreed to sell the items within their stores as well.

She and the church have seen such positive reactions to the fundraiser that plans are under consideration to make the promotional item sales part of a permanent charity within their community!


Custom Wristbands for Fundraisers

August 5, 2009
As Summer begins to wind down, custom silicone wristband fundraisers begin to heat up! What better way to raise money for a school field trip, rally support for a charitable organization in your community or even help a friend in need? Custom rubber bracelets are considered an ideal fundraising item for a number of reasons.

Silicone bracelets are INEXPENSIVE! An order of 2,000 debossed bracelets will only cost your organization $440.00 bottom-line delivered. Even if you price the custom wristbands at a very low price of $1.00 - and almost everyone has a dollar in their wallet or purse - per wristband, your group would bring in a net profit of $1,560.00!!!! No other fundraising item allows you to keep such a low cost to the donor while exponentially increasing your profit like custom bracelets.

Custom wristbands are easily portable. You can easily carry a box containing hundreds of silicone bracelets to a church, school or community function without breaking your back! Additionally, anyone purchasing a custom rubber bracelet from you does not have to worry how they will get it home - just put it on your wrist, and you are good to go.

Silicone wristbands are extremely popular and well known. Custom rubber bracelets have become both a fashion accessory for young people as well as a common sight on men and women in the business world everyday. From famous athletes and musicians to school teachers and accountants, silicone bracelets are instantly recognizable everyone can identify with the charity and support they bring to people around the world.

Custom bracelets have been around for years and the silicone bracelet craze shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Why not join in the fun and help your group raise money for a good cause at the same time? Our sales staff and graphic artists are standing by to help make your custom wristband fundraiser profitable and fun!


Customer Spotlight

February 17, 2009
Customer Spotlight: Nathan's business, Ganoff Plumbing, sponsored a mini-marathon for James Madison Elementary School in his hometown. They decided to use custom silicone bracelets as a means of both thanking people in the community who signed up as well as ensuring that all contestants were paying participants. The remaining silicone wristbands were then sold at the post-race ceremony and picnic to help raise even more money for their local school. Nathan purchased 3,000 custom wristbands at $.24 each and sold them for an average of $2.00 each, raising a net total of $5,280.00 for the school's computer fund! How have your silicone bracelets helped your business, charity or fundraiser? Drop us a line or send us an email, and we will be glad to share your story!


November 13, 2008

Custom Wristbands for Christmas and New Years gifts

Christmas and New Year's Eve are just around the corner, and as an early Christmas gift to all of you, Directwristbands.com will be offering a 5% discount on any custom wristband or lanyard order between now and the end of 2008! To help put you further in the Christmas spirit, if your bracelets or lanyards include red or green coloring anywhere within the design, you will receive an additional 5% off, for a total of 10% off the cost of your silicone bracelets or custom lanyards! Whether you choose to order custom wristbands as a Christmas or New Year's party favor, to help raise money for many of the worthwhile charities working to feed and clothe the homeless around the holiday season or just as a way to spread Christmas cheer around the office, we at Directwristbands.com hope you will allow us to custom create the exact silicone wristbands you have in mind. Give our customer service team a call at your convenience and mention the above special offer to receive your discount and learn how your holiday season events can be made even more memorable at an easily affordable price!


April 25, 2008

End of School Wristbands!

Spring is finally here and before you know it school will be out for the summer! Many schools will be hosting reward ceremonies, end of the year parties, and graduation parties. Silicone wristbands are the perfect compliment to any of these upcoming events. Give your graduates something to remember their times at school with, motivate elementary kids to read over the summer, or to build school pride for new incoming students at orientation. Silicone bracelets are an inexpensive way to celebrate any occasion. We offer debossed silicone wristbands, imprinted silicone wristbands, embossed silicone wristbands, and of course our new line of thin silicone wristbands. You can customize your wristbands with any size, color, or message. The best part is that we can ship your order to you in two weeks or less so there is plenty of time to receive your wristbands for all of your upcoming events. Thousands of schools have trusted directwristbands.com with their orders of silicone wristbands and you can too! Give one of our sales reps a call today to discuss how we can make your end of year activities memorable with an order of silicone wristbands.


April 22, 2008

New Thin Silicone Wristbands released!

Thin Silicone Wristbands

DirectWristbands.com is proud to announce the arrival of our newest type of silicone wristbands. After talking with thousands of our customers and getting feedback from them we have designed a wristband that is perfect for someone who wants something different than the standard "Lance Armstrong" style silicone wristbands. Our new thin silicone bracelets can be imprinted and customized with any message and are a fashionable and chic way of promoting your brand, cause, etc. Many women have asked us for a thinner band so that they could wear multiple colors and so that they were easier to slide over their wrists. With our new thin silicone wristbands we have solved both of those problems. As always we will offer the best pricing, fastest delivery, and best customer service possible. We hope that you consider our new line of silicone wristbands next time that your group orders. We are looking forward to continuing to exceed our customers expectations on every order! Pricing and ordering information on our new line of thin silicone wristbands will be available soon on our website directwristbands.com.


April 17, 2008

Upward Basketball Silicone Wristbands

We have really great clients and many of them use our silicone wristbands for really great things! One of our recent customers was Upward Basketball. This group ordered silicone wristbands for each team signed up for their basketball league.

Upward is an evangelistic sports ministry specifically designed for K5 through sixth grade boys and girls that promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem in every child. In addition to basketball, Upward offers cheerleading, soccer and flag football programs to complete your Upward ministry. Upward provides opportunities for all believers, no matter what denomination, to become meaningfully involved in the ministries of your church. They will have the opportunity to pray for your program, coach a team, referee a game, share a devotion, and develop relationships in order to open avenues of ministry to the people of your community who will participate in your program.

Silicone wristbands were created in five different colors so that the kids new to the sport of basketball could better understand who to guard. Each player has five players on the court at one time so players on opposing teams simply needed to look for the player with the same color wristband to know who to guard. The silicone wristbands really helped the players not only to excel on the court but also motivated them after the games. Each wristband had a particular meaning and players were allowed to take their wristband home with them after each game. By the end of the season every child had received all five silicone wristband colors and heard the message behind each of the wristbands.

DirectWristbands.com salutes Upward Basketball for making a difference their community. Do you have a story about how your silicone wristbands helped in your community? Let us know by dropping us an email at [email protected].


April 11, 2008

The LiveStrong Wristband

Although silicone wristbands have been around for quite some time, many consider the Lance Armstrong "LiveSTRONG" wristbands to be what started the mainstream popularity of these silicone bracelets. The LiveSTRONG wristband is a yellow silicone wristband which was launched in 2004 as a fund-raising item for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Lance Armstrong, a famous cyclist and a cancer survivor, started the campaign. The actual wristbands themselves were developed by Nike.

Live Strong Wristband Worn By John Kerry

The silicone wristbands were part of an educational progam and were intended to raise money for cancer research as well as raise awareness for cancer. They silicone bracelets were sold individually for $1.00 each. There have been over 70 million wristbands sold which was much more than anticipated. The color of the silicone wristbands is yellow which was chosen because of the significance it holds to cycling. The yellow jersey is worn by the leader of the Tour de France which Lance Armstrong competed in.

The popularity of the LiveSTRONG wristbands continued to grow as celebrities such as John Kerry (pictured on this blog), Matt Damon, and other started wearing their silicone wristbands in public.

Many other charities and organizations have used silicone bracelets as a fundraising tool and a way to raise awareness for their cause. At directwristbands.com you can customize your wristbands for your cause. You can choose any color, any phrase, and any size that you like. Silicone wristbands are the best way to show you care.


April 7, 2008

We Want to hear from you!

One of the best parts about our job is working with our wonderful customers. We hear story after story about how people are planning to use their silicone wristbands. Whether it be for a charity, school, business, team, or individual, every one of our wristbands has a message behind it. We are going to start featuring some of the great stories that our customers tell us about their silicone wristbands on our blog for everyone to enjoy. If you have a story about how your wristbands have made a difference please email us at [email protected] If you have a website we will link to you (and of course if you would be willing to link back to us we would greatly appreciate it!). So start sending us your stories, pictures, and ideas so that we can share them with our other customers. Thank you for the opportunity to sell you silicone bracelets. We promise you the best quality and the fastest turnaround time in the industry!


April 3, 2008

What type of wristband is right for you?

Directwristbands.com offers so many different types of silicone wristbands that we decided to break down each category so that our customers could better understand which type of silicone bracelets would be best for their order. All of our silicone wristbands start with 100% silicone. Many other companies will save money on production by producing inferior wristbands which are mixed with latex. Latex wristbands will stretch and break like a regular rubber band where as 100% silicone wristbands will not break and are very durable. With that solid foundation we then have four basic choices when it comes to silicone wristbands:

Debossed Wristbands - Our debossed silicone wristbands are created by making a custom injection mold with your specific design. Silicone is injected into the molds and then the wristbands are removed and trimmed to perfection. This type of silicone wristbands are the most popular and most widely recognized.

Imprinted Wristbands - Our imprinted silicone wristbands are created by making a screen of your custom design. That screen is then placed on top of a blank wristband in your desired color and your custom message is printed onto the wristband. Multiple color imprints require multiple screens. This process is very similar to making a custom t-shirt.

Color Filled Debossed Wristbands - Our color filled debossed silicone wristbands are created in the same process as a regular debossed wristband. After the wristband is injected and trimmed, colored ink is painted into the debossed design creating a very readable wristband. Color filled wristbands are a great choice when you want people to be able to see your silicone wristbands from a distance.

Laser Engraved Wristbands - Our laser engraved silicone wristbands start with blank wristbands in any color of choice. A specialized laser then engraves your custom design into the silicone wristbands. We use the process for our smaller quantity orders where creating an expensive mold isn't cost effective.

If you have any questions about which type of silicone wristbands would be best for your order please give us a call at 1-800-570-3260. Our sales staff would love to help you with your order!


March 31, 2008

Silicone Wristbands to Reward Students

We love our customers here at directwristbands.com and our repeat business is a very large part of every day here. Some of our most loyal silicone wristband customers are schools and universities. We have created silicone wristbands for almost every type of mascot and in over 1,000 school colors.

Lately, we have been asking our customers what they are using their silicone wristbands for and many of our school friends are using them to motivate their students to achieve. Many schools give students silicone wristbands around this time of year because spring is time for standardized testing. Schools get ranked based on how their students perform so everyone is looking for an optimistic outcome to the testing period. We have found that giving your school kids silicone wristbands with a motivational message or school slogan really is a great motivator or a great reward at the end of a tough week of tests. If you are interested in ordering silicone wristbands for your school in time for the testing season please give us a call at 1-800-570-3260. Thanks again to all of our loyal school friends and we look forward to making you a customer as well.

Silicone Bracelets used in Hospitals

Many are now talking about the benefits of silicone bracelets in hospitals around the country. Identifying specific medical conditions is very important in every hospital and now silicone bracelets with specific messages engraved are doing the trick. The best part about silicone bracelets is that they are comfortable to wear and very easy to see. When it comes to a life and death situation having a silicone bracelet with your certain medical condition could save your life. Hospitals interested in ordering silicone bracelets for their patients can give us a call anytime at 1-800-570-3260.


March 27, 2008

Our First Silicone Wristband Blog

Here at DirectWristbands.com we know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing your silicone wristbands. We are looking forward to earning your business and becoming your supplier of silicone wristbands. We have created this blog to better educate our customers on the history of silicone wristbands as well as the various uses available. We hope that you get some ideas of how you can raise money and awareness for your charity or organization, increase school spirit, motivate students to succeed, promote your business, or simply to have fun.

Silicone Wristbands History

Silicone wristbands gained in popularity in 2004 when the Lance Armstrong Foundation introduced its trademark yellow Livestrong wristband to raise support for cancer research. By early 2005, silicone wristbands became popular with many charities, such as Make Poverty History and the BBC's Beat Bullying campaign. Other silicone wristbands include breast cancer (pink), diabetes (various colors), epilepsy (half blue, half red), Hurricane Katrina (ocean blue mixed with white), Wriststrong (red), and AIDS (red, made only in Africa). In general, the color of a silicone wristband describes its cause, and the colors are often the same as the colors of awareness ribbons. Many of the most common colors for silicone wristbands associated with causes are Blue (Drunk Driving, Gold (Childhood Cancer), Dark Blue (Child Abuse and Colon Cancer), Green (Organ Donor), Light Blue (Prostate Cancer), Orange (Hunger and Racial Tolerance), Pink (Breast Cancer), Red (Blood Donor, AIDS, and Substance Abuse), Yellow (Cancer and Bring the Troops Home). Although these colors are widely used in silicone wristbands to promote these causes, our customers have created millions of other silicone wristbands in over 1,000 colors to personalize for their cause.

Silicone Bracelets are here to stay!

Many of our customers ask us if silicone bracelets are still popular. The answer is a very positive YES! Never has it been easier to raise awareness or money for schools, charities, and businesses than with silicone bracelets. Until someone invents a better and more affordable way to show your support silicone wristbands will be very popular. We hear story after story of our customers who purchase silicone bracelets and then call us back a week later to order more. Silicone bracelets are cheap, fun, and fashionable. If you have any questions about your silicone bracelet order please give us a call today at 1-800-570-3260.