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Custom Rubber Wristbands


Custom rubber wristbands are a fantastic way to raise funds and awareness for causes of all kinds. Whether you want to raise money for the school band program, world hunger relief, medical research or just about anything else, wristbands raise money fast. And they raise the profile of your cause at the same time.


Rest assured, you won't find a better place to purchase custom rubber wristbands than Direct Wristbands. We are THE source for great wristbands for any cause imaginable. We do them right, we get them to you quickly, and we price them so that you can raise needed cash FAST.


Start with what you want your wristbands to say. Our talented graphic artists can help you decide what your wristbands should look like for maximum impact. We're here to help, and that means we don't charge for design, artwork or revisions. We don't charge a setup fee, we offer free color matching and we ship free anywhere in the United States.

Think about how often you see custom rubber wristbands today. Just a few years ago, they were just about nonexistent. Then those famous yellow bracelets came along. You know the ones. They raised millions of dollars to help cancer patients and fund cancer research. Many other charitable causes have since created their own wristbands to help their specific area of concern.

There's a reason for that -- wristbands WORK. You can buy them in bulk for just pennies each and sell them for your cause for $1 or more apiece. With that kind of profit margin, the dollars add up fast for your cause.

At Direct Wristbands, we believe in helping our customers succeed. So we offer only the highest quality medical grade silicone wristbands. We won't be undersold on price. And our customer service is second to none.

We make it convenient, easy and fast to order. Just fill out our no-obligation free quote form or call us, toll free/ Our dedicated customer service staff will help you decide which wristband style is best for your needs. We'll get your order into production fast and shipped to you within 14 calendar days or less.

Direct Wristbands is committed to our customers. We want to be THE name you think of when it comes to custom rubber wristbands. We want you as a customer for life, not just a one-time order. We back everything we sell with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Let us show you what custom rubber wristbands can do for your organization.

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