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Medical Alert Bracelets -- Wristbands To The Rescue!


Children truly are a treasure, without a doubt. And children with special medical needs are treasures that require extra attention. Finding the right medical alert bracelets for such children is a crucial part of that attention. Let’s face it — kids will be kids, and if they don’t like what they’re wearing, there is a very good chance it won’t stay on them for long.
That’s a risk which in many cases -- such as food allergies, diabetes or seizure disorders -- simply cannot be allowed to happen.

The key to keeping medical alert bracelets on children is finding designs they will enjoy wearing, and that will last. Direct Wristbands supplies custom silicone medical alert bracelets that are winners on both counts. Our products are made from durable 100 percent medical grade silicone. And with custom wristbands just about universally popular with today’s young people, it’s certain to be a stylish accessory on the playground or in the schoolyard.

You can custom design medical alert bracelets at Direct Wristbands. With a wide range of colors and styles available, you can ensure your child wears an accessory that he or she will never want to pull off (unlike that stuffy and breakable grownup jewelry).

Direct Wristbands can even offer attention-grabbing designs— like a football or a heart—which will further transform the medical alert bracelet into an integral part of your child’s dress code.  Lettering and colors can be as lively as desired. We also offer free artwork, design and revisions, and we guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Consider this
-- when the all-important medical alert bracelets are in a style children want to wear, you won’t have to worry about a daily battle before school to get them to wear the bracelets. When a life can depend on fast, accurate treatment, it’s critical that that information be at hand at all times.

Nobody said guarding a treasure would be a simple task, but nobody said it shouldn’t be enjoyable for all involved! Medical alert bracelets from Direct Wristbands can safeguard both adults’ peace of mind and kids’ sense of style.






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