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Rubber Bracelets


Rubber bracelets are more than a casual accessory; they've become an effective marketing tool and a phenomenal way to promote a worthy cause. Since the Livestrong Foundation made popular the classic yellow wristband, many other organizations have joined the rubber bracelet bandwagon. Smart move. Here's what countless people and businesses have discovered about ordering rubber bracelets from Direct Wristbands.

Why Should You Order Rubber Bracelets from Direct Wristbands?

• Economical. That is, when you buy them from Direct Wristbands. We offer the lowest prices, thanks to our direct connection to the factory. Rubber bracelets are the ideal fundraising or promotional product because they can be purchased so inexpensively, so your margin for profit is exceptional.


• Easy to order. Direct Wristbands makes buying rubber bracelets effortless. It's easy to find exactly what you need for your personal or professional use. What's more, we'll ship your order for FREE, anywhere in the United States. What could be easier than that?

• Simple to customize. Choose from a wide selection of colors and styles. If you want to make your message bold, we have a style for that. If you have a complex logo or distinct color preference, we can help with that. Whatever you need (you guessed it) we've got it!


• Extremely popular. Rubber bracelets are a hit with every age group. Since everyone loves an easy-to-wear rubber bracelet, they are a cinch to sell or give away, which makes them the perfect vehicle to send out your message.


• We offer quality materials. Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, our rubber bracelets are top-notch in terms of durability. No cheap knockoffs here.

So, whether you're a rock star or a regular Joe just looking for a great promotional product, you can't go wrong when you order rubber bracelets from Direct Wristbands. Go with the company that cares about your cause. We can't wait to show you how simple, fun and economical rubber bracelet buying can be!

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