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Rubber Wristbands




Rubber wristbands have been trending since Madonna was strutting the stage singing hits like, "Holiday" and "Who's That Girl." Back then, it was stylish to wear an armful of rubber bracelets, layered in a rainbow of colors and ascending from wrist to elbow. The flexible quality and fun feel of the bracelets made them easy to wear. And because they were made from inexpensive materials, anyone who found them appealing could become a collector – which of course included most people.


The Evolution of the Rubber Wristbands

Times have changed since rubber wristbands were introduced. Madonna is no longer rolling out hits at her former pace, and the slender rubber bracelets of old are now wider, flatter and much more versatile in their use. These bracelets now bear quirky catchphrases, company logos and cool designs. The wristbands can be customized to suit the style of the individual wearer or boost the brand of a business. They can also be used to for fundraising for medical causes and promoting awareness for humanitarian causes. The possibilities are endless as to what these rubber wristbands can be used for.


Charities and organizations have found that humble rubber wristbands are the ultimate accessory to feature at fundraising events. They are inexpensive to buy and can be sold for profit to benefit any cause or club. Among the most successful examples of this strategy is the Livestrong Foundation, which earned more than $28 million for cancer research – all through the sales of simple rubber wristbands.


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