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Wristband Styles

When it comes to promotional materials, you can't get much better than custom wristbands. Wristbands quickly become an everyday item, whether they're used as a fashion accessory or to promote a favorite cause or cahrity. At Direct Wristbands, you'll find a great selection of silicone bracelets to choose from.

Debossed Wristbands


Our most popular silicone wristband, the debossed wristband, has been our biggest fundraising promotional product for over 5 straight years. Debossed bands are the economical way to show support for a cause and to help raise money at the same time.


Debossed Painted Wristbands


Manufactured exactly like our debossed wristbands, the debossed painted bands another popular choice because of the second, ink filled, color that helps the text and logos shine. Debossed Painted wristbands are high quality alternatives to the silkscreen bands.


Color Coated Wristbands


Manufactured exactly like our rush order wristbands, these laser engraved bands offer another popular choice because of the second color. It really helps the text and logos pop out. Color coated wristbands are a great choice to showcase your message.


Silk Screen Printed Wristbands


Silkscreen wristbands offer the best imprintable options of any of our wristband types. Due to the silkscreening process, multiple colors and complex logos are no problem for this quality band. Great for events and functions. For long term sustainability we recommend the debossed painted bands.

Segmented Wristbands


Segmented wristbands offer a unique way to add a little extra color into your custom wristbands. We can produce any type of band: debossed, debossed painted or silkscreened all in a segmented style for extreme customization. These bands are the perfect choice for athletic functions, schools and more!

Swirled Wristbands


Swirled wristbands, similar to segmented bands, also offer more color options for your bands. Choose either debossed, debossed painted, or silkscreened and combine your color options for a unique tye-dye type effect on your wristbands. Great for just about every occassion and sure to catch an eye!

3/4 Inch Wristbands


3/4" Wristbands

Fat One Inch Wristbands


Our new one inch wristbands are a new extremely popular band type that maximizes your logo and text areas up to one inches wide! We make our one inch bands in any of the above wristband styles. Our one inch bands are extremely popular with music groups, retail stores and other trendy/hip uses!


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