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Swirled Wristbands


Our Custom Swirled Silicone Wristbands are great for those fundraisers and promotions that want to be a bit more eye catching in utilizing more than one color for an incredible swirled color effect on their wristbands. Swirled wristbands mean there is a group of colors mixed together making a very unique blend of colors.


Once you place a wristband order with directwristbands.com you can continue to use your mold to create wristbands and keychains even faster! Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a new dimension to your fundraising efforts!

Swirled Silicone Wristbands are perfect for clubs, organizations, businesses, teams, schools, universities and more!




50 Qty.

100 Qty.

250 Qty.

500 Qty.

1,000 Qty.

2,000 Qty.

3,000 Qty.

5,000 Qty.

Cost Per Band

$1.85 each

$1.08 each

$0.68 each

$0.48 each

$0.33 each

$0.30 each

$0.29 each

$0.24 each

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