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You can track your package online by clicking on the link below and entering the word "DIRECT", a dash ("-"), and then your order number. For Example if your order number is 2000 then you would enter "DIRECT-2000" on the Shipment Reference Line. Please be sure to check the UPS terms and conditions box before clicking Track in order to view your shipping status. If your package does not show up on the tracking page it is likely that it has not yet shipped or has not been entered into the system. Orders typically arrive within 2 weeks of placing your order. The turnaround time for a rush order will vary depending on the number of pieces you have ordered.

NOTE: Your package will not show up on the tracking database until it has been shipped from our factory. Please understand that the results you are viewing on the tracking webpage are those of UPS and not DirectWristbands.com. If you have any questions about tracking your package please give us a call at 1-800-570-3260.



Note: If this link does not bring you to the Reference Tracking page please follow these simple directions.

1) Type www.ups.com into your browsers address bar.
2) Select the country you live in.
3) Click on the tracking tab at the top of the page.
4) Click on the Track By Reference tab on the left side of the page
5) Enter "DIRECT-(order number)" on the Shipment Reference Line
6) Check the UPS terms and conditions box
7) Click Track
8) View your current tracking information


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