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With millions of people sporting the fun, flexible bands, it’s easy to see why wholesale wristbands are the product to buy in bulk. They’ve garnered countless funds for charities and brought attention to serious causes around the world. And when you get factory direct pricing on large orders, it’s easy to resell your wristbands and glean a profit – or simply give them away as cool promotional products. Silicone wristbands have managed to make marketing magic. And speaking of magic…

Silicone Wristbands – Marketing Magic

When you think of magic, it’s easy to recall some of the greats in the business – David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy, and one of the forerunners in the art of escape – Harry Houdini. These masters of manipulation have fascinated fans around the globe.

Copperfield is surely among the most well-known of all illusionists. Forbes named him the most commercially successful magician with 21 Emmys under his belt and 38 nominations. With ticket sales exceeding 40 million, it’s clear that Copperfield can captivate an audience.


Siegfried and Roy ran with the big cats. They’re the German-American duo whose Mirage Resort and Casino show was called the most visited in Vegas. What those guys did with white tigers was both intriguing and frightening!

With his amazing talent for escaping, Harry Houdini found straitjackets, shackles, and chains unrestricting. His career accomplishments included being buried alive, hurled from skyscrapers and tied up under water. Houdini often challenged police forces to detain him. Always the victor, Houdini seemed strangely able to sway the laws of physics in his favor, proving you can’t keep a good magician down!

So what do these famed magicians have in common with simple silicone wristbands? Here are a few things…
• They’ve acquired uncommon success – Silicone wristbands started out as slinky rubber wristwear. They’ve evolved to become durable, desirable accessories.

• Worldwide popularity – Even if you’ve never owned a silicone wristband, you’ve likely seen them on the wrists of athletes, celebrities, soccer moms and teens. They’re universally adored.


• They possess the ability to inspire – Commonly deemed awareness bands, silicone wristbands are often customized to bear the names of charities. They’ve brought attention to diseases, and support to the suffering. Through the sale of silicone wristbands, many humanitarian efforts have succeeded.

• They bring people together – Whether for fundraising, birthday parties, engagements, or corporate functions, silicone wristbands are a part of countless gatherings.

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When you buy wholesale silicone wristbands, you become a marketing magician, evoking the power of a phenomenal promotional product!

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