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Custom Rubber Wristbands

Rick Cundiff - Aug 15, 2019

A creative concept entered the market a few years ago to promote awareness of social issues and causes. Custom rubber wristbands now are worn across the globe by millions. Today, everywhere you go, chances are that you will see someone wearing a brightly colored rubber wristband. If you were to take a closer look, you would likely see it’s in support of a cause or a charity.

Custom rubber wristbands are colored according to what cause they support and are usually debossed with a message relevant to that specific cause. The money made from these wristbands typically goes to a charity or organization that uses the money to help fund research or create global campaigns. For example, schools use rubber wristbands raise funds and to promote drug-free living and anti-bullying campaigns.

The Top 5 Charity Custom Rubber Wristbands

Throughout the years, certain core charities and epidemics have used custom rubber wristbands to promote themselves. The core global Top 5 wristbands are:

  1. LIVESTRONG (yellow): This is the original custom rubber wristband, used to promote charities for cancer treatment and cancer research worldwide.
  2. LIVEFREE, SMOKEFREE (orange): Due to the rising number of teen smokers, these bands were created to be used as moral support for those wanting to quit smoking.
  3. CELEBRATE HOPE (purple): In support of Relay for a Cause, these are used as a memorial to remember the people who have died from or lost loved ones to any form of cancer.
  4. COURAGE (red): These custom rubber wristbands were created in support of people living with HIV/AIDS, and to support HIV/AIDS research.
  5. ANTI-RACISM (black & white crossover): Sponsored by Nike UK, these bands are worn to show your dedication to cultural diversity and racial equality.

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